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An Empty Vessel 空の器

This is the trailer for a feature length documentary film which takes as its subject the artistic expression of chef Masayo Funakoshi. By bringing together director Hiroo Ninomiya, cinematographer Masato Indo, composer Takeo Toyama, and chef Masayo Funakoshi, this film rejects notions of “story” and “continuity” in favor of the individual expression of each person involved, becoming a compilation of time as [...]

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PATO LOL MAN is a two-piece band featuring Watanbe and Takeo Toyama who also handles music production on CHANCE MAKER’s most important films. This music video was shot completely improvised over the span of two days, and edited together to form a continuous 15 minute long film. This film has received much acclaim outside of Japan, particularly in Europe.

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(This film is presented only in Japanese.)
INSPIRING PROPLE & PROJECTSで音楽を担当したミュージシャン、小栗栖憲英と制作したミュージックビデオ。“音楽が現れる瞬間”をコンセプトにして、ミュージシャンと撮影隊のセッションによって実験的に映像化された作品。瞬間をただ採集することに徹し、編集の最後まで何一つ定義しない方針で、音楽を映像に閉じ込めた。

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We feature OKA SKATEBOARDS on the first trailer of “Inspiring People & Projects”.
OKA SKATEBOARDS is a handmade skateboard collaboration between Furniture Maker Yoshiro Mizokami and Art Director James Gibson.

Creating a beautiful product utilizing the know-how of furniture making, overcoming the language barrier, skateboard riding in a quiet leafy green town surrounded by mountains.

We [...]

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