We are storytellers.


The stories are countless — found in the far corners of the world.

A quiet street corner where no one would ever think to stop and look,

everyday sounds that we usually pay little attention to —

these are the words that form a story with a beating heart.


Untethered by country, race, occupation, or culture,

these stories live in a space that has yet to be classified or defined.

As filmmakers it’s our role to observe, collect, and piece them together.

Wherever a camera can go, that is where we will be.


Our Story


Work on the independently produced documentary series INSPIRING PEOPLE & PROJECTS begins.


The first installment of the documentary series Moving You shot on location in Senegal is released, documenting the social work done by Yamaha in the area. Chance Maker begins accepting commercial work.


WHY DO THEY MAKE NOW, a short documentary featuring Taipei-based designers, is screened in Taiwan.


Chance Maker oversaw media creation and film production for the branding project of Shiga Prefecture, Japan, MUSUBU SHIGA.


Chance Maker screens the feature documentary film Dreams of fire “INSPIRING PEOPLE & PROJECTS”, featuring the rejuvenation of the Igayaki craft in Japan and Taiwan.


WANDERERS, a coffee shop and private studio which becomes the physical home of Chance Maker opens in Kyoto, Japan. Director Hiroo Ninomiya, cinematographer Masato Indo, and composer Takeo Toyama form the production unit YAN. From YAN, the 9th chapter of the documentary film series Moving You, filmed on location in Mongolia, is screened.


Documentary series Moving You reaches its 10th year of production with the release of chapter 10, shot on location in India.


An Empty Vessel, a documentary film starring chef Masayo Funakoshi, is screened in Japan and France. In Taiwan a private viewing is held for Wasureru koto wo osorenai, a documentary film featuring the survivors of a disastrous typhoon in Taiwan.


Our Team


Masaki Okada

An expert in creating spaces for new and creative experiences, as well as building and supporting the growth of communities of active creators internationally. Born in 1971 in Kanazawa, Japan, after finishing high school he moved to London to learn art and design. After returning to Kanazawa, he established salon Sui, a cafe-salon which served as a meeting place for local entrepreneurs. Together with seven other members he spearheaded the NPO v.i.v.a., driving the culture scene of Kanazawa through a broad range of activities including underground music festivals and renovation of abandoned buildings. In 2005 he and a former co-founder of graf, an Osaka-based creative unit, opened a pop-up cafe called “gm YOKOHAMA” and the second Yokohama Triennale, creating a place where artists from around the world could interact with locals. In 2006 he officially began working to create graf. While a member and producer of graf, he was involved in directing many new business initiatives and projects, including a pop-up cafe as part of the Osaka “City of Water” project in 2009, and a unique cafe that moves by bicycle, in addition to a broad range of client work and other food service related ventures. He was later involved with development of yearly merchandising and visual merchandising themes at “Party Tune”, a new business venture in the food department of JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan which opened in Umeda, Osaka in 2010. He left graf in 2011, while still continuing to support the company as an outside business consultant. In 2012 he began work on the “INSPIRING PEOPLE & PROJECTS (IPP) film series. In 2013 he established Chance Maker as a company. In 2016 he opened WANDERERS STAND in Kyoto, leading the project as creative director. He currently resides in Kyoto.

Hiroo Ninomiya

Born 1977 in Nara Prefecture, Japan. Film director and co-founder of Chance Maker. Studied Japanese lacquer ware under craftsman Kisui Tarui before learning film production from TV director Katsuyuki Nakata. After the announcement of the documentary series INSPIRING PEOPLE & PROJECTS, Hiroo set his sights beyond Japan and began creating short commercial films and feature length documentaries. In 2012 he took the position of film director for the Yamaha Motors documentary series Moving You.