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“INSPIRING PEOPLE & PROJECTS” is an independent documentary project devoted to inspirational people and things.

The third chapter is dedicated to Takeo Toyama’s band—PATO LOL MAN. With Takeo Toyama on analog synthesizer and clavinet, and Watanbe on drums, what kind of music is this two men-band trying to make? The three episodes will take the audience into the recording studio where all the magic happens.



An opportunity arises for Takeo Toyama Band members, Takeo Toyama and Watanbe. PATO LOL MAN was hastily formed in 2010 to perform as the opening act for the German electro band Cluster.
What was supposed to be a one day thing turned into a spin off unit now 3 years old. What is the reason two musicians in their late forties are putting effort into a new band? Just what inspired them? The answer, for [...]

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chap.#02 PATO LOL MAN “Track01 MUDDY WATERS”

PATO LOL MAN has jam sessions to create songs. Inspiration born from these sessions become songs and are packaged. Finally, to get the best from the package, they try them out in a performance. Something that was once normal for bands, the pure creative process, is a part of PATO LOL MAN. And band is not a record player. A band is people! PATO LOL MAN’s performances remind us of that.

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chap.#03 “Track02 PATO LOL MAN , Track03 NATIONAL”

While PATO LOL MAN hasn’t fallen into playing nostalgic music, they also haven’t forgotten the intensity of the music they first started playing. For PATO LOL MAN, the unpredictable state of both musicians seems to provide the music creation factor. “nothing decided” “nothing fixed” “always moving” “The unknown is the most interesting” PATO LOL MAN, two musicians who have seen a few years, venture intrepidly [...]

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[ Trailer ] PATO LOL MAN

The 3rd Inspiring People and Projects features “PATO LOL MAN”, a spin off unit from the Takeo Toyama Band. So what are a simple two man band, with Takeo Toyama on analog synthesizer and Clavinet, and Watanbe on drums, making? We focus in on PATO LOL MAN’s studio session and film their constant process of creation. Doing live only acts since creation, we dig out all the facts for the first time on PATO LOL [...]

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