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In an exercise of returning to the birthplace of the motorcycle in Europe, FASTER SONS is a redefining of Yamaha’s motorcycles. This is a collection of short commercial films that presents a comprehensive look at the fashion, customization, and traditions involved with motorcycles across the globe.

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Sacred Food 聖なる食

Artists from east Asia were invited to join this special dining event, Sacred Food, hosted by chef Masayo Funakoshi. This documentary was made with the intention to capture that evening.

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This film was produced in coordination with the release of the XSR900 motorcycle in Japan — the first step in delivering Yamaha’s vision of “NEO RETRO” style. This motorcycle represents a return to form for Yamaha, inheriting many of the traditions that made their first motorcycles so special, while also breaking new ground using cutting-edge technology.

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MUJI Campground

(This project is presented only in Japanese.)

This is Chance Maker’s first commercial film after the completion of INSPIRING POEPLE & PROJECTS. Our film crew stayed on site at Mujirushi Camp to film the experiences of the people there.

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