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Moving You

Begun in 2012, this is one of the most important projects that define CHANCE MAKER. It serves as a record of Yamaha Motors charitable activities around the globe, experienced first hand by our film crew, and pieced together with care. Africa, America, Asia, Europe, and the Arctic — these episodes we filmed on location and completely improvisational with no shooting script. The 10th episode in the series [...]

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In an exercise of returning to the birthplace of the motorcycle in Europe, FASTER SONS is a redefining of Yamaha’s motorcycles. This is a collection of short commercial films that presents a comprehensive look at the fashion, customization, and traditions involved with motorcycles across the globe.

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Megumi meguru tenri

Chance Maker’s film crew participated in the branding project of Tenri, Nara Prefecture, Japan. During the first year of the project we filmed the daily lives of the residents of Tenri in an effort to attract more people to move to the city. For the second year of the project, we collected footage of the workers of Tenri into short documentaries in order to promote migrant workers coming to the city.

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朝日ウッドテック THE JOURNEY OF “杢-Moku”

Beginning as a rare wood seller in the Osaka Shipyard in 1913, Asahi Woodtech has worked in adaptation to the environment to change the way Japanese people think about home flooring. Chance Maker’s film crew went to capture the incredible manufacturing process that takes lumber selected and sourced in North America to a finished product in Japan. These two short films aim to convey the inner workings of a [...]

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(This series of films is presented only in Japanese.)

2014年から2017年にかけて行われた滋賀県のブランディングプロジェクト「MUSUBU SHIGA」に映像監督、メディア監修として参加。滋賀がこれまで”培ってきた魅力を、新しい視点をもったデザイナーやアーティストとともに調査・再発見し、出会ってきたモノを繋ぎあわせながら、滋賀県のこれからを伝えていく6編で構成される。

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