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Moving You

Begun in 2012, this is one of the most important projects that define CHANCE MAKER. It serves as a record of Yamaha Motors charitable activities around the globe, experienced first hand by our film crew, and pieced together with care. Africa, America, Asia, Europe, and the Arctic — these episodes we filmed on location and completely improvisational with no shooting script. The 10th episode in the series [...]

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永齡農場 耕耘之詩

In 2009 Typhoon Morakot struck the south end of Taiwan, taking the lives of 600 people. Eight years later we find the survivors of this disaster working on a plantation. Burdened by the sadness of loss, how do these workers reconcile the past, present, and future, and press on every day? Completed in 2018, the feature length documentary, Wasureru koto wo osorenai, is a compilation of these short vignettes. [...]

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Off-road Mania

Yamaha Motors’ off-road bikes have a history of 47 years. This seven-part film series features re-edited found footage and testimony from the engineers who developed the products and technology that changed the off-road world as well as the legendary riders that embraced them.

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IBM BlueHub Phase 2

IBM BlueHub is an incubation program offered by IBM and several partner companies. Chance Maker created a film capturing the program’s second session. These six short films feature startups and the people who support them in their efforts to drive innovation in farm tech, visa application, mental health, VR, and the automotive industry.

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TOUR DE SANDWICH is a project about traveling by bicycle to gather inspiration from people, places, and ingredients, and using that to create sandwiches. The project is composed of four short films following Lucas B.B. (editor in chief of PAPERSKY) and a chef as they visit Onomichi, Hirosaki, Shizuoka, and Kagoshima.

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MilK FilM

“(This series of films is presented only in Japanese.)

パリで誕生した雑誌MilKの日本版である「MilK JAPON」の映像コンテンツ集。Nicolas Buffe / ニコラ・ビュフと、Hervé Tullet / エルベ・チュレ、二人のフランス人アーティストを主題とした短編ドキュメンタリー。”

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