OKA SKATEBOARDS are delivered having been carefully crafted by the hand of Furniture Maker Yoshiro Mizokami.
As opposed to normal skateboards that use beech plywood etc, OKA SKATEBOARDS use furniture grade oak which means the boards will age beautifully with riding and maintenance. According to Yoshiro, in comparison to furniture making, skateboards production is quite easy.
However, with the production process using both machine tools and hand-planing to shape the boards, he finds the same enjoyment in working the wood. With both Yoshiro’s craft and James’ concept, OKA creates an experience beyond the normal skateboard realm.

  • Director : 
    Hiroo Ninomiya
  • Cinematographer : 
    Masato Indo
  • Producer : 
    Masaki Okada
  • Logo Designer : 
    Shinpei Onishi
  • Music : 
    ogurusu norihide

  • Release Date : 
  • Location : 
    Shiga - Japan