chap.#01 OKA SKATEBOARDS ”Person”

Started in a quiet leafy green town surrounded by mountains in Otsu-city, Shiga prefecture, OKA SKATEBOARDS is
a handmade skateboard collaboration between Furniture Maker Yoshiro Mizokami and Art Director James Gibson.
Yoshiro, after seeing a classic skateboard blog sent by James decided to work on a creation that went
beyond the boundaries of furniture making.
With a passion for board sports and an interest in each other’s skills, the language barrier was ignored
and they became absorbed in production sessions.

  • Director : 
    Hiroo Ninomiya
  • Cinematographer : 
    Masato Indo
  • Logo Designer : 
    Shinpei Onishi
  • Original Music : 
    ogurusu norihide

  • Release Date : 
  • Lo : 
    Shiga - Japan