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Moving You Vol. 12 “Quenching Thirst, Hand in Hand”

The Senegal River flows from headwaters in the Guinea Highlands and at each of ten villages scattered around the river’s watershed in northern Senegal, work is underway for installing new Yamaha Clean Water Supply Systems. Permanent access to the clean water the systems will provide means healthier, happier lives for everyone. If the water changes, lives will change. The water station is a gathering place for [...]

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Trailer – Moving You Vol. 12 “Quenching Thirst, Hand in Hand”

Yamaha’s Clean Water Supply System is bringing thirst-quenching water to small villages in West Africa. Yamaha technicians are working hand in hand with the locals to install the system and bring its benefits to the many who await its completion.

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TOUR DE SANDWICH by PAPERSKY vol 4 鹿児島 自転車でめぐる食の旅


A vast field of vinegar-filled clay pots with a magnificent view across the sea towards Sakurajima Island; shochu distilled tenderly by hand the old-fashioned way in earthenware pots; free-roaming free range chickens untouched by antibiotics or pharmaceuticals- the foods we ‘discovered’ in Kagoshima all shared a deliciously natural taste. Each producer we met was passionate about [...]

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