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Vol. 11 – Make the Wind Your Ally

As the cold of winter approaches the seaside town of Hayama in Kanagawa Prefecture, six sailors and their instructor are about the only ones at this marina that is typically empty on weekdays. Fueled by a burning ambition, they are the members of YAMAHA Sailing Team ‘Revs,’ and they compete in internationally-certified 470 Class sailing dinghies. As they slice through the waves with the wind in their sails, [...]

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Vol. 9 – Northern Mongolia’s Durable Duo

There are 99 national parks spread across Mongolia. Protecting the natural beauty and wildlife of these parks from poachers and illegal campers are some 400 rangers at work nationwide. Often living in the harsh environments of these wildlands, these rangers patrol the vast stretches of wilderness using small utility motorcycles as their means of transportation. To check on the Yamaha AG200s procured for the [...]

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Vol. 8 – A Desert Christmas

The Glamis Dunes are located in the southeastern-most corner of the state of California in the United States and extend into the state of Arizona and on into Mexico. The beautiful dunes here are a virtual paradise for off-road motorcycle and ATV riders, and on the weekends and holidays they become the playground for crowds of off-road enthusiasts and their families and friends. It is a scene of unrestrained [...]

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Vol. 6 – Supporting lives and livelihoods of peoples of the Far North

In the harsh natural environment of Russia’s northern regions, the peoples here continue to follow their traditional nomadic lifestyle of raising and herding reindeer. For these peoples, snowmobiles are necessities of life, and a recently opened Yamaha dealership in a city north of the Arctic Circle is now there to supply them. This is the story of a Yamaha man who came to the land of the northern [...]

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MUJI Campground video – Full version –

A place to have a quality time with the people you cherish.
Voice: Japanese; Subtitles: English

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Vol. 2 – Grow up strong and healthy! Fifty-two Miles of Adventure at Se...

Summer vacation’s last training session for open-sea sailing. The children attending the yacht school at Hayama set off on a challenging adventure at sea, heading for the island of Oshima. Working together with their fellow sailors, the children went on to become stronger and stronger through their experiences in the natural environment out on the water.

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