Feature Length Film

4 episodes


PATO LOL MAN is a two-piece band featuring Watanbe and Takeo Toyama who also handles music production on CHANCE MAKER’s most important films. This music video was shot completely improvised over the span of two days, and edited together to form a continuous 15 minute long film.

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SOUND DAWN ~Harmonia in Coincidence / 偶然のハルモニア~ Music by ogurusu norihide

(This film is presented only in Japanese.)

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“Harmonia” in Coincidence. Music by ogurusu norihide

“Harmonia” in Coincidence
When the tones become melody.
When the meaning appeared between things.
He was playing, I was shooting.
The moment of music was born.
The moment of the film was born.

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Vol. 7 – Made in Mauritania: An Instructor-trainee Relationship without...

At a recently completed boatbuilding factory in a port city in northwestern Mauritania, production has started on a long-awaited new type of fishing boat that carries the hopes of people here for the development of a prosperous fishing industry. Instructing the factory’s employees in the construction methods and expertise needed to build these new boats is a veteran engineer from Japan with the spirit [...]

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