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In an exercise of returning to the birthplace of the motorcycle in Europe, FASTER SONS is a redefining of Yamaha’s motorcycles. This is a collection of short Commercial work films that presents a comprehensive look at the fashion, customization, and traditions involved with motorcycles across the globe.

In homage to the original design of the motorcycle, Europe, Yamaha Motor Europe launched “Faster Sons” project. As a redefinition of motorcycle in today’s world, Faster Sons propose a perfect combination of retro, fashion and high-tech elements. This series of videos is the commercials for Faster Sons in Japan.


CHAPTER 0 “Retro and New”

Shinichi Hanai works as a repairer of iconic vintage motorcycles in the Yamaha Motor headquarter in Japan. From the paint to the components, Hanai managers to restore every detail. The brand new condition of motorcycles after his repair work would make you think they just came out of the factory.

Launched in 2017 by Yamaha Motor, the XSR700 presents a perfect mix of “retro and new”, combing the [...]

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CHAPTER 1 “From Father to Son”

Housen-ryu of Nihon buyo:
Not only father and son, Genjiro Housen and Kogenji Housen are also master and disciple of Housen-ryu (Housen school) who practice Nihon buyo, a traditional Japanese dance. The documentary-styled commercial by CHANCE MAKER presents their layered relationship as family members and the legacy of Housen-ryu. Through their performance of Renjishi (Pair of Lions), a classical [...]

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