Project Title - 「An Empty Vessel
Episode Title

An Empty Vessel

01 / 01

The trailer of a feature-length art documentary which presents Chef Masayo Funakoshi’s participation in a cultural event held by Nara Municipal Government in 2016. With a rich imagination, Funakoshi uses ingredients to bring beliefs, food and the local memories all together in her cuisine, bringing forth an artistic expression beyond cooking.

(Japanese voice only)

  • Chef : 
    Masayo Funakoshi (Food Anthology)
  • Film Director : 
    Hiroo Ninomiya
  • Cinematographer : 
    Masato Indo
  • Music : 
    Takeo Toyama
  • Graphic Design : 
    Michio Yokoyama

  • Release Date : 
  • Location : 
    Nara, Kyoto, Osaka - Japan