Episode Title

Vol. 3 Shizuoka, Food Journey By Bicycle

To me, Shizuoka is a place I come to go surfing or meet up with friends. But this time I wasn’t looking for waves, but delicious ingredients for a sandwich while cruising on a bicycle. And the ingredients of this sandwich? Fresh sakura shrimp and pickled wasabi! (Japanese horseradish) Can you really put that on a sandwich? What a fantastic challenge! As I ride through the Shizuoka countryside my mind races, and as I talk with the local producers an image starts to form in my mind. My spices are my constant traveling companions, and by combining these with regional Japanese flavors, an exciting new sandwich begins to emerge.

  • Director : 
    Hiroo Ninomiya
  • Cinematographer : 
    Masato Indo
  • Music : 
    Takeo Toyama
  • Producer : 
    Masaki Okada

  • Release Date : 
  • Location : 
    Shizuoka - Japan